How does Naico Define Success?

Did our team bring ownership, passion, excellence, and integrity to the project? Is the end customer or user satisfied? Does the client believe we succeeded? When our clients, partners....and Naico team members assess the outcome we grow and win together.

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How Naico's Team Helps Your Company

Expand Your Team Rapidly
Lets You Focus on Your Core Business
Lower Total Development Cost
Achieve 16+ hr Daily Development Cycle
Flexible Resource Planning
Any Project Size (even the small ones)

Our Offer

We are well-acquainted with corporate rules, maintain high-quality standards, and share the zeal personified by start-ups. Our team will be direct, honest, and focused on your goals and milestones. It would be our pleasure to begin a conversation about your project or needs.

Our Clients

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Client Testimonials

We have done a series of software projects with Naico for many of our institutions. Team Naico conceives concepts faster, and their response time is excellent. Our team really enjoys working with NAICO. One of the best technology service providers we've ever worked with!

Dr. Abdul Gafoor

Chairman, AHF Health Care

Naico has been a trustworthy technology partner since the inception of our relationship. They have consistently demonstrated a sincere level of commitment and expertise in creating user-friendly software solutions. I can say that our trust level has grown far beyond that of a typical client-vendor relationship.

Kent Ivanoff

CEO, VisitPay

Naico has added so much value to our team. It's been amazing to see how much progress has been made on our platform. I can't wait to start the next phase of our project!!

Jim Hawkins

CEO, Columbia Benefits

I was pleasantly surprised at how well-structured Naico ITS managed our project and how well they ran their development process. The codebase was clean and well structured. The team was super friendly to work with and always helped me with anything that I needed.

Robert Pierce

Director of Technology, Opeeka Inc.

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Our Next Steps

  • Naico Business Development team will reach out to you
  • We sign an NDA ensuring the confidentiality of your ideas/requirement
  • We gather all the requirements from you to the finest detail
  • Our team of experts evaluates the requirements and creates a budget estimate
  • Once you approve the estimate, we sign the contract
  • The project kicks off with your consensus on every aspect of it