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Big Data and Warehousing are subject of much debate for the future. Naico warehousing solutions, data warehouse modeling, and Extract Transform Load (ETL) development are all part of our on-going evolution in Business Intelligence. We have already chalked up over a decade of experience in this crucial area of business when most are only coming to grips with the vastness of this critical and ever-expanding space. With an ever-increasing demand, it is imperative that a business considers not only the immediate time-frame of cloud storage but that of tomorrow and beyond.

Planning Your SaaS Application

Modeling Data Warehouse Requirements

On-going ETL Development

Methods With OLAP Cubes

Report Development

Data Loading Reporting And Management

Data Analysis of Services

Naico ITS has expertise in collecting, organizing and transforming your data into rich visual tales so that you can focus on the KPIs driving your business. To ensure that you always remain up-to-date with the most advanced information, we deliver BI report development services using market-leading applications like Brios and MicroStrategy. It is easier now to go hand-in-hand with the latest trend as they happen and make informed decisions. Naico is known to develop cost-effective, insightful and adaptable BI dashboards. Our BI dashboards are easy to create and provide you with massive analytical versatility.

Technology Stack

Case Studies


  • A corporate application used across 18 countries and over 30 factories.
  • Integration with various corporate applications including SAP.
  • Versatile UI design for the diversified business groups.
  • Too many hurdles to stay compliant with corporate standards and policies.


  • Used a highly iterative development approach for ensuring buy-in from various stakeholders.
  • Integrated into corporate SSO for seamless authentication and authorization across business organizations.
  • Extensive code reviews established to stay compliant with corporate development standards.


  • A solution was deployed with minimal hiccups and ensured adoption across the business units.
  • Never had a production issue other than server scale-ups as data volume grew.
  • Still in use after four years without any modifications.
  • Five more projects followed after delivering this project, and one project is currently in progress.


  • Young company that grew-up to $500MM in revenue within 5 years, accumulating a large number of transactional systems..
  • Complex data models with multiple hierarchical relationships.
  • Highly performance sensitive source databases that power the client’s massive online sales platform.


  • Iterative solution development methodology was adopted for continuous business review throughout development..
  • PoC reports were generated and presented for business buy-in.
  • Established sophisticated data extraction mechanisms for the least performance impact on production transaction systems.
  • Conducted post-deployment capability awareness session with the management team.


  • Successfully built and deployed the BI solution on time and within budget.
  • Business realized the role and potential of the data warehouse in business analysis and has continuously been extending the system.


A leader in the healthcare consumer receivables market, concentrating on the self-pay market.

Business Challenge

Equip health care providers with the tools and expertise necessary to manage the complexities of today’s self-payer market. The main challenge is to develop dashboard and reporting tools that dramatically increase performance transparency across a healthcare organization.

Naico’s Solution

Naico developed a Self-Pay Engine which answers all the health care self-pay challenges by providing an integrated suite of services, business intelligence, processes, and payment-producing products that help hospitals manage self-pay receivables in an efficient, patient-centric and value-maximizing manner.

Business Benefits

Improves visibility and predictability of inventory and revenue flows; Makes efficient, end-to-end receivables management a reality; and Create positive customer outcomes to engender hospital loyalty and enhance community reputation Drives up to a 30% improvement in self-pay performance.

Client Feedback

Very positive and encouraging.