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‘There is a convergence between your world and ours.’ And this calls for an integrated geospatial-based solution to meet your business requirements. We specialize in developing solutions that extend our customers’ geospatial programs to complement their existing IT architectures. Our support spans the entire spectrum of enterprise IT applications and geospatial data delivery mechanisms. Combining the latest technology with proven development practices, AflexMap engineers deliver reliable data and automating business processes to allow better decision making while lowering costs. By creating a strategic roadmap that includes data formats, network design considerations, application performance factors, development methodology and testing techniques, AflexMap is dedicated to creating quality solutions for GIS ventures.

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What are the
High Quality Services in Aflex Map

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Multipurpose & cross-platform applications

  • Supports industry-leading Web Mapping Frameworks: ArcGIS JS API, Open Layers, Google Maps API.Smart City
  • Supports prominent Map Services. Google Maps, Bing Maps, OGC Services, ArcGIS REST service.
  • Flexibility for integrating advanced platform-specific mapping features. ArcGIS Geoprocessing Services, PostGIS extensions.
  • Ability to create Simple Custom Map services using data feeds from multiple sources and without the usual map servers.
  • RDBMS, SharePoint, Excel/CSV
  • Ability to configure any point layer to view in the Clustered View.

Personalization and user interaction features

  • Drawing features and Annotation creation on the map and ability to save and retrieve data.
  • Simple and easy-to-use editing tool features.
  • Powerful multilingual localization features.
  • Ability to save personalized maps for later use and later retrieval across named user base.
  • Flexibility to reconfigure map layers by adding, removing, reordering and regrouping.

Powerful map presentation and querying features

  • Supports custom Thematic Mapping of individual layers.
  • Powerful multi-layer identifies spatial search and buffering tools.

Thoughtful architecture

  • Authentication and authorization framework to support Active Directory integration or a custom user base profile.
  • Cleanly separated presentation and business layers support, with easy integration of custom user interfaces.
  • Localization framework with support for an alternate right to left orientation.

Integration ready

  • Easy and seamless integration for blending various maps to existing applications.
  • Incorporation of inbound/outbound communication channels.
  • Specific layers can be configured to assimilate with external systems/applications.

Streamlined yet powerful administration features

  • Integrated verification and permission features, with SSO options.
  • A configuration of user map viewing experience with central management features.
  • Effective layer management tools.
alex map

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