Opeeka’s Story:

Dr. Kate Cordell had a vision and prototype in hand as she headed to a pitch event in January 2020 to tell the Opeeka story. As an expert in the mental health space, receiving a Ph.D. in Social Welfare, and traveling internationally to help educate and provide awareness in the field, she was on a mission to drive change in well-being for everyone.

The idea behind what Kate had formed would provide a Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS) to track the well-being of a person over time equipping providers to prove and improve intervention impact. Their system looks at the whole person and helps connect the needs of that person with solutions and other service providers.

Assessments and reports are collected through different service providers. The goal of Opeeka is to take these assessments and create an individual story map that develops over time showing progress, areas for improvement, and insights in the person’s well-being as a whole.


We bring care full circle, considering individuals as complete humans, identifying care that works for similar types of people, and assisting communication between people and care providers.


Kate knew the value of what Opeeka could offer, but needed technical expertise to make it come to life.

The Challenge They Faced:

The big idea required technology experts to build out the data-sharing platform around her AI-models that learned and adapted to a whole person’s unified story across several providers.

Dr. Kate Cordell had pulled together several partners that were helping her to launch Opeeka, but she needed a technology partner that could support their complex build-out.

Matt Payn, Naico’s VP of Business Relations, heard Kate’s pitch at the event in January 2020, and he immediately saw the impact Opeeka would have and wanted to be a partner to champion the mental health space together. Values aligned, they entered this journey.

The Solution:

Partnership Formed.

Naico and Opeeka quickly dove into the journey of taking a prototype to a full platform. The relationship proved to be more than just technical support, but a full strategic partner as they developed the resource more fully.


When we met Naico, we had an elegant data model, a defined data workflow, and peer-reviewed published AI models. We needed a technology partner to bring all of our pieces together into an enterprise solution, and Naico delivered.

Dr. Kate Cordell, CEO @ Opeeka

Complex Requirements.

There were a variety of requirements that needed to be assessed with the build-out of the platform:

  • Take assessments and reports from multiple channels and providers to store in one virtual place over time.
  • Support a data workflow from data input into a relational database into data warehouse into AI models.
  • Quickly provide results and learning with small data sets; not needing large volumes of data and long periods of analysis to provide quality information.
  • Confidentially provide insights and information about patients between service providers to keep a holistic view of the patient regardless of where they are (alignment with all HIPAA Regulations).
  • Growth potential to expand platform not only with service providers but also directly with the patient and other users as the resource develops.

Unique Build-Out.

The Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS) leverages AI in a unique and complete sense. With full-scale machine learning applied to data instantly after data collection/ingestion, the solution was designed to be used with different disciplines – patients, social care, substance use, mental illness – to help recognize patterns of success in care. Kate’s models continuously learn from incoming data, in real-time.

Normal AI data models require 50K+ results to be valuable. Kate’s models begin to recognize some patterns of success with just 50 cases. Naico developed the technology to support Kate’s workflow of labeling and ingesting data into AI models in real-time.

This was a key requirement for the tool because quick insight of the data needed to be provided to immediately start supporting the patients in their well-being journey.

Over just 7 months, Naico was able to develop the new platform to put into production for Opeeka.


Faster AI Speed compared to other models


7 Months

Development time for launch

The Result:

The platform developed provided the team to be able to track key data points:

  • Tracks responses to interventions over time
  • Integrates with health care records
  • Measures return on assessment (loads data from assessment tools to analyze).
  • Matches consumers with staff
  • Centralizes real time care analytics
  • Tracks trajectories of recovery or resilience

We have an elegant and functional product in the market. The Naico team displayed dedication to our project and our vision, and the members themselves were very pleasant to work with. Naico has been an excellent technology partner for our company.

Dr. Kate Cordell, CEO @ Opeeka

Seed Money Raised due to launch of technology



Patients leveraging platform

To be able to test the system fully, Opeeka had a target to serve over 100,000 patients in three years. After launch and validation, Opeeka is now serving over 5,000 patients and continues to develop the platform along with Naico. A long-term partnership with Naico began as they started ideating expanding the platform in a variety of ways.

The launch of the new platform triggered $2M in seed money to be raised for further development of Opeeka.

The team is targeting to expand their platform to provide a consumer-facing portal and serve patients in over half of the states in the United States.

Innovative & Easy to Use Platform

There is no other tool out there like the Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS) Opeeka has fearlessly launched. Their tool is the first platform that allows service providers to gain a ROA (Return on Assessment) in their practice. By seamlessly integrating and analyzing the assessments and reports added to the system, P-CIS generates a unique way for service providers to not only just identify their patient needs but directly target ways for improvement and growth.

The platform developed is easy to use and provides key insights at the service provider’s fingertips.


The launch of Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS, /pieces/) is a dream come true. The final product exceeded our expectations, and we could not be more excited about the positive impact that we are making on the lives of people in care and their care staff. Naico was able to take our prototype and elevate it to enterprise status. The Naico team worked tirelessly through challenges, like an unforeseen pandemic. The unwaivering heart and dedication of every team member at Naico and Opeeka has resulted in something truly amazing.

Ken Knecht, CMO & Co-Founder @ Opeeka

It was a rare chance to meet the founder of Opeeka in downtown San Francisco. At the time, their team had an incredible vision, immense knowledge of the domain, and deep understanding of the customers. The only remaining piece of the puzzle was a competent technology partner to build the software platform. What excited Naico most about participating with Opeeka was the relationship we had established with the founder and founding team over several meetings and the impact we knew their software would have for people all over the world.

It’s amazing to see what was once a vision and dream is now a reality, making an impact in mental health. The timing of this tool is impeccable considering what has transpired in 2020 and 2021. At Naico, we are grateful to support this incredible goal and be a part of the continued journey.”

Matt Payn, VP Business Relations @ Naico

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