Royalty Rewards® Story

Royalty Rewards®, established in 2005, is a loyalty and marketing company. They specialize in providing comprehensive, automated marketing solutions based on direct response marketing principles. Their clients are primarily made up of independent restaurants, auto repair shops, and retail stores, all across North America.

Through technology, innovation, and coaching, Royalty Rewards® provides proven, measurable turnkey marketing solutions. The over 2700 businesses they have helped can track, on average, $44.26 for every $1 they invest in marketing. Through these services, they strive to free up the time, energy, and money their clients need to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Their automated direct mail, email, text and mobile marketing campaigns (including integrated Mobile App’s), are all tracked, allowing Royalty Rewards® clients to increase customer retention and grow their sales and profits in a proven and measurable way.

Royalty Rewards® continues to innovate and enhance their solutions by leveraging advances in technology, incorporating client feedback, and researching industry changes and trends.

$44.26 in Sales for Every $1 Invested for their clients on average

We are committed to helping independent businesses thrive in the new economy and helping Independent Business Owners achieve the lifestyle that they dreamed of when they started their business.

– Royalty Rewards®

The Challenge they faced

Royalty Rewards®’ solution demands constant enhancement and improvements. As technology changes and the industry evolves, it is critical for them to stay ahead of the curve and offer the most up to date solutions while providing a return on investment for their small business clients. Over time it became clear that their previous service provider would not be cost-effective or nimble enough for this continued growth. Further and importantly, Royalty Rewards® would not be able to adequately protect their intellectual property under that partnership.

They needed a custom proprietary application they could control and would work within their budget.

Royalty Rewards® found a new partner to build their custom application, but three years into the project, it became clear they could not complete the project on time, within budget. Royalty Rewards® needed to find a new service partner to get them to the finish line quickly.

The Solution

Royalty Rewards® approached Naico with their challenges. They needed their custom platform completed to a point where current clients could be migrated. After three years of development, their budget and resources were stretched thin. They were frustrated, skeptical and needed a capable partner to provide a short and long-term plan to get them live – fast.

We learned very quickly that software developers are not created equal. Not only did we need expertise, but a team with strong leadership that could act quickly, scale up or down, and had access to all the resources needed to bring our complex platform to life.

- Royalty Rewards®
Special Projects Team

Challenge Accepted.

Royalty Rewards® and Naico moved forward, both cautious as they sought to build a new relationship. One of Naico’s core values is Integrity. They strive to build trust with their clients, to meet timelines and budgets 100% of the time regardless of the cost to them. Long-term partnership and providing impact greater than themselves are their focus.

Naico set out to build that trust and get things operational quickly, hitting deadlines and budgets.

The Complexities

Naico knew the quickest way to get things running and build trust with Royalty Rewards®’ team was to handle the transition in person. They sent a team to Canada to work with the team on-site and get things operational quickly. As this new development was confidential, Naico did not have complete access to the other third-party platform, so they had to tackle the build in a unique way. Naico leveraged their strong technical team to translate the current system and create a short term plan for launch and long-term optimization:

The Short-Term Plan 3 months

  • Address core necessary functionalities to push toward a quick go-live timeline.
  • Complete positive & smooth migration of customers from the old platform to new.

The Long-Term Plan On-Going Partnership

  • Create a new architecture to support easy customizations and scalability.
  • Develop new UI and UX for a better customer experience.
  • Manage staged development for improvements.
  • Execute continuous product release through CI and Agile methodology.
Errors or Failures in launch

The Result

“Naico took us to the finish line as promised.”
– Kathleen Dobin, Vice President

After three years of delays, Naico came in and, in three short months, got the new Royalty Rewards® platform up and operational with all of their customers migrated seamlessly.

Decrease in Software Development

In 2018, Royalty Rewards® ownership transitioned through a private acquisition. Though the acquisition, Naico remained a trusted partner with the new leaders and team integrating with Royalty Rewards®.

Naico has continued to serve as technical experts and strategic advisors to the Royalty Rewards® team for over eight years as the partnership, first built on trust, continues to grow and expand. On-going schedules are coordinated to match Royalty Rewards®’ operational hours, making responses and support available without delay, based on their needs.

Royalty Rewards® software development cost has decreased by over 50% and they are able to focus on growing their company and serving their customers. Their strategy to improve and change became a nimble process which continues to get easier as the partnership grows.

The entire team at Naico works with professionalism, honesty, and integrity. They always keep their promises and are reasonable in coming to an agreement.

– Amanda Burger, Senior Royalty Rewards® Coach

Intuitive, User Friendly Interface using Current Design Trends

Naico is a team of technology experts who take pride in their work and create simple, intuitive experiences for their customers. Take a look at the app experience that was designed

“Naico upholds their agreements, their commitments, and their timelines. They are a valued partner we are proud to work with.
-Kathleen Dobin, Vice President @ Royalty Rewards®



Challenges on the project were multi-dimensional. Royalty Rewards’ leadership team clearly knew what they wanted, and Naico’s project team truly lived the values of the company and delivered every commitment we made.

– Naazim Abdulla
Founder @ Naico

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