GIS Application Development

Naico provides a broad range of premium geospatial services with a strong focus on ensuring value addition to the client business. We offer comprehensive geospatial solutions ranging from sophisticated GIS applications to Geospatial modeling.

We have a team of senior GIS consultants who have won multiple international awards, including ESRI’s best GIS implementation award. They have implemented some of the most well-known nationwide GIS implementations over the last 20-30 years in Asia and the Middle East.

Our Leadership team has engaged in prestigious projects like International projects of military security, Nuclear Energy industry for their evacuation planning, GIS-based emergency response plan solution used by many cities in the US including New York City and Washington DC.

What We Do?
ArcGIS Enterprise Application Development

We provide end-to-end enterprise solution development services on ESRI’s ArcGIS platform, starting from requirements analysis to enterprise architecture to solution development to implementation.
Open GIS Enterprise Application Development

In today’s world, geospatial solutions are used by startups to corporates, in addition to governments. Availability of Open Source based geospatial technologies has been one of the key reasons for this positive shift in the industry.
GeoSpatial Data Modeling, Design and Analysis

GIS is all around data, and how well spatial data is modeled would determine how effective GIS would be as a business tool. We go through a rigorous process of analyzing data and build models best fit for the business.
Strategic Consulting

Our strategic consulting helps business leaders and government organizations identify and realize the value that spatial data and geospatial technologies can add to their businesses.

Aflex Map

AflexMap is a cross-platform map viewing framework that offers a significant reduction in development time and budget for enterprise geospatial projects.

Geospatial Industry Specialization

Naico is a leading provider of geospatial software engineering services to clients across the globe. Our geospatial services provide solutions for,

  • Local / State Government
  • Smart City
  • Utility
  • Public Health and Safety
  • Emergency Response and Planning
  • Real Estate and Land Management
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Energy

Technology Stack

Case Studies


    • $3.2 Million USD, 3 Year Duration.
    • Developed on AflexMAP platform.
    • Consolidated spatial database for integrating data from 16 government agencies.
    • ETL mechanisms for efficient data movement and transformation secure data viewing and publishing platform.
    • ArcGIS Server, Geoportal, AGS JS API, Oracle GeoDatabase, FME, ActiveDirectory Integration, Micorsoft .NET, Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.


    • Overall architecture & design of Al Madinah SDI.
    • Development of publishing platform & portal.
    • Development of metadata tools.
    • Quality assurance and software testing.
    • Development of ETL scripts.


    • GIS-based deployment guide for agricultural products on the fields.
    • GPS based custom navigation system inside the agricultural farms.
    • Solution widely used in US, Spain, France, Italy, and South Africa client is a leader in this sector.
    • MapBox, CouchDB, Angular JS, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3, iOS,Azure, DC/OS, Docker.
    • Web Application and Native iOS app.


    • Design and development of iOS app.
    • Support, Maintenance, and enhancement of Web Application.
    • Infrastructure support of the hosting environment.
    • A web application is in production and Mobile app development in progress.


    • $300,000 USD, 8 Months, Currently in Production.
    • Developed on AflexMAP platform.
    • IMS with map-based user interface linking infrastructural engineering drawings.
    • Versatile UI, for independent deployment or SharePoint extension.
    • Dynamic geocoding.
    • A cross-platform solution that supports both ESRI ArcGIS as well as Open Source GIS technologies.
    • Geoserver, OpenLayers, PostGIS, Micorsoft .NET, SharePoint, Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Microsoft SQL Server.


    • Design and development.
    • Architecture and design for cross-platform large-volume data.
    • Development of the GIS module of the product.
    • Deployment consultation for high impact installations.


    • Hundreds of installation for various State, County, and City Agencies including 10 / 50 statewide implementations and prestigious cities like New York, Washington DC and Philadelphia.
    • Use the facility submitted chemical data for emergency planning and response.
    • Powerful architecture to support centralized enterprise and distributed enterprise implementations.
    • One of the state implementations has extensive customizations to implement the permitting requirement for the state which is similar to SEWA NOC requirement.
    • ArcIMS, ArcGIS, Oracle, MS Sqlserver, .NET, ExtJS.


    • Involved from the concept development to product architecture, Design, and Development.
    • 10 Year product, in between a total rewrite to upgrade the technology stack.
    • Implementation Support.
    • Support and Maintenance.


    • $1 Million USD, 2 Years, Currently in Production.
    • Developed on AflexMAP platform.
    • Integration with Building Permit Application Workflow.
    • Extensive ERP solution for Real Estate businesses.
    • Most of the modules are GIS enabled.
    • AflexMap, Geoserver, OpenLayers, PostGIS, Micorsoft .NET, SharePoint, Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Microsoft SQLServer.


    • Design and development of GIS Modules.
    • Integration with rest of the system and external systems.
    • Deployment consultation for high impact installations.
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