Our Assurance

At Naico, we have a key Software Quality Assurance department. We use an advanced testing team who can incorporate both or either an automated process and manual testing to explore the parameters of a given software. Our team can be tasked to complete a rigorous test on a customer’s software, including system testing, regression tests, performance, and stress tests. We perform both a project bound application test and a contract base and/or ongoing system testing schedule.

Our Expertise

Manual Performance Testing

Automated Functional Testing

In-house or Remote Software Testing

Our clients may have a varying degree of preferences when employing us to analyze the workings of their software. We can work on our own set procedures or those that our client specifies for us. A client may have bugs which need to be found, where they do not have the capabilities to implement an in-depth search to locate the problem. This is where our services can be of great benefit. Our service can be performed in our own lab facilities or remotely at a customer’s premises via a secured connection.

Technology Stack

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