Health Care

  • Consulting
  • Custom Application Development
  • Medical Device R&D
  • IoT Based Patient Care Solutions

4th Gen Technology

  • Smart City
  • IoT
  • Home Building /Industrial /Automation
  • Digital

Laboratory Testing and Services

  • Flowloop Design & Analysis
  • Technology Consulting
  • Training & Workshops

System Integration

AflexCity is a state-of-the-art solution which offers a comprehensive IOT enabled geospatial smart city framework which makes the whole city digitally smart and connected with optimized urban facilities.

Embedded Software Service

Platform Software
  • Board bring up, Boot loader customization, Design verification
  • Hardware Abstraction layer, Low-level Software, and Device drivers
  • OS/RTOS porting and customization (Linux, Android, FreeRTOS etc.)
  • Protocols
  • Frameworks
  • Libraries
  • SDK
  • UI
  • Web Apps etc.

System Design

Processor Architecture Based Designs

  • Complete Product Development Cycle at the board and system level
  • Experience in High-Speed board designs
  • Hardware Design Reviews, Board bringup & Testing
  • End to End Embedded Design
  • Schematics Design and CAD Layout

High Speed Interfaces

  • PCI Express SATA Gigabit Ethernet PCI/PCI-X USB LVDS

Standard Interfaces

  • LPC , I2C, SPI, Serial, ATA, etc

Standard Form Factor exposure includes

  • ATCA, AMC, CPCI, PMC, SCSI, ATX ECX, MiniITX, PicoITX, NanoITX, QSeven, etc Tablet Design
system design